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Chief Architect


Meyrin, GE, CH


Richemont owns some of the world’s leading luxury goods Maisons, with particular strengths in jewellery, fine watches and premium accessories. Each Maison represents a proud tradition of style, quality and craftsmanship and Richemont seeks to preserve the heritage and identity of each of its Maisons. At the same time, we are committed to innovation and designing new products which are in keeping with our Maisons’ values, through a process of continuous creativity.


Richemont is undertaking a large-scale digital transformation which will propel it to become the dominant player in the luxury sector by serving its customers in a personalised and relevant way in a new omnichannel ecosystem. This is a unique yet very demanding position providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for a seasoned digital executive to fundamentally contribute to the digital transformation of the world’s most prestigious luxury group and secure its next phase of growth and prosperity.


We will be building a new omni-channel ecosystem which serves customers from all regions, especially China. This includes harnessing the power of mobile first, microservices, big data/analytics, internet of things, the cloud and modernising SAP to bring it to continuous delivery. We will very likely be building a multi-tenanted international platform based on highly scalable microservices which are dockerised and run from the cloud.


This role includes harnessing the power of the virtually unlimited Cloud, flexible Microservices, migrating the existing data centers to the Cloud, bringing the existing SAP ERP landscape to a full continuous delivery model, build and gain comprehensive insights from Big Data and connected manufacturers via the Internet of Things.


Reporting to Group CIO, this role will be vital to combine the powers of business and IT and thus gain and leverage new capabilities to advance our product offerings, market presence, culture and future legacy migrations.



Business Architecture

  • Develop and maintain current and future state business architecture
  • Cultivate relationships with business stakeholders
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of strategic business plans


Information System & Technology Architecture

  • Design and oversee implementation of end-to-end integrated systems
  • Deliver architectural initiatives that drive revenue and improve efficiency in line with business strategy
  • Cultivate relationships with IT management
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of the organisation's technologies and architectures
  • Develop and maintain current and future state architectural blueprints (incl. SAP)
  • Develop and maintain an aspirational architectural roadmap for the enterprise (incl.SAP)
  • Communicate architectural decisions, plans, goals and strategies
  • Gain organisational commitment for enterprise level architecture and infrastructure initiatives
  • Provide architectural direction to Enterprise Architects, Business Architects and Solution Architects
  • Develop architectural metrics and reports for the executive team, business and IT management


Data Architecture

  • Oversee the design and implementation of enterprise data and metadata structures
  • Create a plan to integrate business systems and workflows in support of business strategy
  • Develop and enforce best practices for master data management and integration
  • Defines and develops methods for machine learning

Architectural Programs & Initiatives

  • Initiate and deliver architectural programs that align IT with business strategy
  • Deliver requisite program documentation including program charters, schedules, requirements documents, specifications, design documents and testing strategies


Research & Development

  • Initiate and deliver technology evaluations and recommendations


Architecture Consultancy

  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of IT industry best practices, technologies, architectures and emerging technologies
  • Provide architectural consulting to programs, projects and initiatives
  • Support business and IT strategic planning
  • Support product development teams
  • Support local and specific Maisons CIO’s while migrating legacy systems
  • Act as the focal point for enterprise architecture and IT standards

Architectural Governance

  • Develop, communicate and deploy Enterprise Architecture Governance processes (incl. SAP)
  • Develop and communicate enterprise technology standards and policies
  • Review new and existing program/project architecture for compliance with IT standards, policies and architectural plans
  • Review IT procurement plans for compliance with IT standards and architectural plans
  • Document exceptions to architectural standards
  • Ensure that project documentation captures significant architectural decisions
  • Ensure that architectural governance is a fair, consistent and transparent process
  • Identify architectural risks and propose alternatives and solutions

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Manage a team of senior enterprise architects
  • (manage a team of senior business architects)
  • Be the spiritual home for all architects across the group

Architecture Processes & Tools

  • Develop, communicate and deploy Enterprise Architecture processes.
  • Deploy and maintain an Enterprise Architecture repository and tool set.
  • Perform annual architectural maturity assessments.
  • Produce regular architecture status reports.





  • Very deep technologist, an absolute Geek,
  • Degree in engineering, management of information systems, computer science minimum 10+ years related technology experience and 5-7 years in related management experience
  • Senior, well-experienced IT professional who has designed, developed and built complex and sophisticated e-commerce platforms before, modernised SAP, especially in the context of multichannel retail and ideally with real time mobile/IOT based transactional services
  • Extensive technical expertise in all aspects of IT platform development and design, including overall SAP ERP systems, platform architecture, online shop systems, web design and application design etc.
  • Expert in e-commerce infrastructure engineering, agile product development methodologies and scaling frameworks
  • Highly experienced with data handling, Java and Open Source
  • Experienced with mobile forms, payments gateways
  • Track record in building agile development environments
  • Obsessed with shipping working software
  • Service and Infrastructure experience in 24/7/365 environments
  • Profound leadership experience of managing IT staff and programmers, as well as external IT service providers and freelancers
  • Able to think strategically with strong project management competence and excellent networking skills within and outside the organization
  • Experience in international and complex matrix organizations with various internal and external stakeholders
  • Willing to travel 20-30% : EU, China and USA




  • An engineer at heart with the capability to grow this type of organization fast and run the daily business
  • A real doer and maker
  • Servant leader who puts a pragmatic view on agile development
  • Pragmatic and realistic, but also forward looking - capable to scale from medium to very large
  • Someone who “has done it before” and is willing to go the journey again - long term commitment
  • Able to navigate in a complex company setting, with different company cultures, business models and stakeholders involved
  • Sustainable in execution and development work – driving significant change projects over a period of time and assuring for success
  • Able to lead, integrate, and motivate a diverse team, attract and grow the talent needed
  • Strong diplomatic and negotiation skills on senior management and board level
  • True networking/interpersonal skills and proven track record of building strong relationships and establishing credibility (internally/externally as well as in national and international settings) within a complex and delicate company setting
  • Experience with common legacy systems and databases (e.g. AS400, cobol, DB2, etc)




  1. If your application is selected, we will reach out to you for an informal introductory call.

  2. The next step from there would be a first interview with the HR Manager; and if there is a match, you will be meeting with the other members of our team.



 https://www.linkedin.com/company/richemont/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtcz344eqsWvggwOnq-yljg