Reference Code:  70302

Marketing & Communications Director

Hong Kong, HK, HK


Panerai is a high-end status sports watch brand that operates in a niche segment, fully exploiting its values of belonging that allow Panerai owners to feel part of an exclusive club.
The fundamental values of Panerai are based on history and the sea world, authenticity, exclusivity and rarity, product identity, Italian design and Swiss technology.

MISSION (Purpose of the Job):

  • 360 Marketing, Communications & CRM Strategic Planning & Direction in Hong Kong, Macau & Travel Retail including Hainan
  • Create Desirability for the Brand and Drive Sales to Boutiques, POS & e-Commerce
  • To Strengthen Brand Awareness & Visibility in Hong Kong, Macau & Travel Retail including Hainan
  • Create and develop Strategic CRM plan to recruit, retain & re-activate VIPs to reach Best ROI
  • Create Brand Loyalty for Existing Clients
  • Marketing & Communications Budget Forecast & Management, Digital Strategies, Trade Marketing, Visual Merchandising and Public Relations Strategies (Offline, Digital & Social Media), Press & Top VVIP Relationships Management, KOL Management, Corporate & Local Event Management)
  • Maintain a Strong Relationship & Communication with HQ to obtain their best and efficient Support towards understanding Local Markets’ Needs





  • Create and develop Strategic plan to recruit, retain & re-activate VIPs to reach Best ROI & CRM KPIs
    • Implement Local CRM Activation to enhance Clients’ Loyalty
    • Implementation of Monthly CRM Calendar in line with Products’ Availability
    • Develop, implement, and manage CRM promotional plans in line with product launches, with innovative ideas, which surprise and delight clients to fully support Sales Target Achievement
  • Client Database Management
    • Analyze CRM Database to implement targeted Actions for specific clients’ insights
    • Develop and Plan Qualitative CRM Actions with Strong ROI
    • Implement, Plan and Execute CRM Activities (eDM, DM, MMS, eNewsletter) inclusive of all Triggers
  • Top Clients Relationship Management
    • Establish Strong Relationship with Top VVIPs, Business Partners and local Paneristis
    • Organization of Exclusive VVIP Experience Trip & Manufacture Visit
  • Partnership Exploration
    • Explore Potential Partnerships (Malls, Luxury Brands, Hotels, Banks, …, etc.) to identify possible collaboration to recruit Potential Clients
  • Events Organization & Management
    • To organize Sales Driven Qualitative Event with impactful ROI respecting Corporate Guidelines in line with Product Deliveries and Festivities with IB, EXB
    • Close Communication with Creative Agency to ensure Qualitative Event is planned and executed
    • To organize Pop Up Store for Wholesale Team towards the Creation, Implementation, Management & Execution
    • Communicate & Liaise with all parties towards the best arrangement to ensure business needs are met
    • Analyze & Consolidate Results towards CRM & Retail Events to create strong synergy



  • A & P Budget Management
    • Overall A & P Budget Preparation, Forecast, LE & LLE Management, inclusive of Depreciation
    • VM, PLV Budget Management
  • Local Marketing and Communications Calendar creation in close Partnership with Retail & Wholesale to reach Sales Target
    • Develop, Implement, and manage Marketing & Communications Activations in line with product launches
  • Media & Advertising (with the support of Local Media Agency)
    • Strategic Media Buying (Online, Offline) to ensure HQ’s guideline is respected in terms of Strategies, Budget, Split
    • Content Partnership Discussion to enhance Brand Visibility
  • Visual Merchandising & PLV Management
    • Proactively Plan & Implement Relevant In-Store Animation tailoring Global Guidelines to local needs
    • Provide Strategic Ideas to HQ towards In-Store Animation in regards the local festivities to create stronger Visibility
  • Public Relations & PR Strategies
    • To Develop and Plan PR activities in line with Brand Strategy and Product Deliveries
    • Press Management (without PR Agency)
    • Build and Maintain Excellent Relationships to Press to ensure Brand Exposure is maximized (around 80 Press)
    • Explore new media opportunities (online & offline) & strengthen Press Exposure continuously under defined budget
    • Explore & Maintain Excellent Relationships with KOLs in HK and Sanya to ensure Brand Visibility is maximized
  • Mall PR & Digital Exposure
    • To ensure a Strategic Visibility on Brand’s Exposure on all Malls’ Digital Platform and Collaterals in line with Product Deliveries
  • Social Media Strategies
    • Overall Digital Strategies creation, implementation & Management to support Business (Retail & Wholesale) and to increase Sales
    • Explore Potential implementation on Digital Platform where necessary
    • Implement Monthly Key Product Focus to all Boutiques in line with Boutiques’ needs
    • Ensure Frequencies and Exposure are on a timely manner in line with Product Launch
  • Dealers’ Communications Channels, gain visibility & Drive Strong Sales
    • Explore Strategic Opportunities & Visibilities towards Dealers’ Communications Channels to increase exposure with target product focus to strengthen Sales



    • Implementation of Special Gifts for selective Festivities aiming at creating Strong Brand Loyalty (Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year Red Packet), supporting the Asia Pacific Region
    • Brief and Liaise with Agency towards Company’s Project from Concept Development, Content Creation, Sourcing, Sampling, Production to Final Product



    • Business Plan, Business Review, Monthly & Quarterly Reports Preparation