Reference Code:  26541

Wholesale Trade Marketing Coordinator

Milano, MI, IT


MONTBLANC is a manufacturer of exclusive products including watches, jewellery, writing instruments and leather goods which reflect our high demands with respect to culture, quality, design, tradition and craftsmanship. MONTBLANC is present all around the world with more than 25 subsidiaries and 600 boutiques.


Wholesale marketing budget planning, management and control, according to the commercial strategies of the company and the objectives of growth by product category (watches, jewelry, leather goods, writing instruments, new technologies) and/or retailer (franchising boutiques, Dept. Stores, jewelers, traditional, concept stores, shop in shops); CRM management and E-tailers channel development.




  • Investment planning on key clients in cooperation with the WHS Management;
  • Wholesale Activity planning in cooperation with other functions of the marketing department;
  • Operational management of the plan in synergy with the other functions of the marketing department involved and with support and collaboration of external suppliers (Agencies).
  • Assessment of the results and KPI analysis of marketing activities in cooperation with the sales force and customers;
  • Knowledge of the market and direct relationship with key clients;
  • Management of marketing, communications and special projects for the Wholesale channel:
    • Special events (in and out store)
    • Black & White Weeks
    • WHS Meeting
    • Franchising Meetings
    • Newsletters/EDM
  • Management and control of local communication activities on the web and on social networks in cooperation with Wholesale customers;
  • Participation at the Trade Events and the main Wholesale activities such as:
    • Black & White Weeks
    • Special Trade Exhibition
    • Franchising events plan