Reference Code:  99896

[Delvaux] Managing Director


Seoul, 11, KR


The Oldest Fine Leather Goods House in the World

Founded in 1829, Delvaux is a truly Belgian brand. In fact, it was even born before the Kingdom of Belgium, which was only established one year later, in 1830.

Created in Brussels by the innovative Charles Delvaux, la Maison has remained at the forefront of luxury leather goods for nearly two centuries because of its savoir-faire, uncompromising craftsmanship and the outstanding quality of its creations.



JOB TITLE: Managing Director, Delvaux


REPORTING TO: Chief Commercial Officer, Delvaux


LOCATION: Seoul, Korea


Job Summary

With a proven track record and practical experience with directly operating boutiques in Korea, you will manage and revamp a qualitative retail network and team while ensuring that the brand is well positioned in the market. You have a client driven profile with the ability to understand our client dynamic and set this vision for the entire regional team and processes. The right mindset, understanding & agility about potential demographic shifts and different client segmentations to target. Proven experience and results with the acquisition of final pioneer & elite clients and prospects. Putting precise and targeted actions in place to drive client recruitment, image and sales impact while working efficiently with the boutique teams. You understand, enhance and articulate the brand vision through the regional organization and action plan. You will manage all activities in Korea with the objective of building strong pillars to accelerate turnover and drive profitability.


Key Accountabilities

Managing Director’s tasks will include but are not limited to :


  • Work efficiently with the retail teams to improve in-store performance and experience (in close collaboration with boutique managers and sales teams on operational management, training, recruitment, planning, and so on)
  • Set a client driven vision for the entire regional teams and processes and focalize on adequate training development. Push the right mindset, understanding & actions to target pioneer and elite clients and contacts
  • Revamp the retail network and position the brand correctly in the market
  • Guarantee the quality of the network development and establishing strategic partnerships
  • Turn around performance and current challenges. Agility to stay relevant in a rapid changing market
  • Understand and articulate the brand vision through the regional organization and regional action plan
  • Support and co-drive the rebuild of the brand image in collaboration with the APAC CMO, manage/maintain the brand positioning at the highest level and guarantee that this is translated in every retail experience/action to drive image and sales impact
  • Integrate the brand DNA and Vision defined by the HQ team to local market, so as to ensure the development of business performance and respect of brand image in Korea
  • Envision, share, collaborate and protect your team while transforming a junior team to senior leaders
  • Create an efficient operation model with strong pillars to accommodate growth acceleration
  • Create an approach to pro-actively develop the retail business as well as manage the Retail Operations, Client & CRM, Training, Merchandising, Visual Merchandising and E-Commerce
  • Drive profitable and sustainable sales growth, and have full P&L, balance sheet and cash flow responsibility
  • Manage the 3Y business plan, commercial budget and action plan in line with Delvaux’ commercial requirements in close discussion with the CCO
  • Develop talent into the regional organization: ensures the development and management of human resources by designing the appropriate structure, by appropriately allocating responsibilities, by adequately recruiting/managing/motivating according to the Delvaux standards. Keep CCO and Global HR Director informed on key organizational and market changes
  • Keep CCO fully informed on the condition of Delvaux Korea and on all the important factors influencing it
  • Identify problems, operational processes and opportunities and addresses them; brings those which are appropriate to the CCO and facilitates discussion and deliberation
  • Keeps informing of developments in human services, profit management and governance, all other factors impacting Delvaux Korea
  • Be a close business partner to the CMO and Business and Operations Manager in APAC





  • Minimum 15 years relevant experience with at least 5 years working at senior managerial level
  • Concrete and practical experience of managing a qualitative retail network with directly-operated boutiques in Korea
  • Client driven profile with a proven experience and results with the acquisition of final clients and prospects
  • Work efficiently with the Retail Teams (boutique managers and sales teams on operational management, recruitment, planning)
  • Entrepreneurial vs executing leader: building the engine vs making the engine run
  • Strategic ability without losing sight of operational implications
  • Willingness to grow with the organization and its current respective size and challenges 
  • Excellent interpersonal ability, analytical, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Thoughtful leader and ardent team player with demonstrated decision-making, coaching and problem-solving abilities
  • Sales driven and result oriented
  • Strategic orientated, able to inspire and motivate others, think globally, creative, positive and persistent, and with strong mindset of integrity
  • Good level of spoken English