Code de référence:  99268


Paris, 75, FR


La Maison Chloé a été fondée en 1952 par Gaby Aghion, une Parisienne d'origine égyptienne qui voulait libérer le corps des femmes de la mode formelle et rigide de l'époque à travers le prêt-à-porter de luxe.

Depuis près de 70 ans, Chloé inspire les femmes en créant des collections et des accessoires de mode, en révélant des histoires et en partageant ses expériences. La vision avant-gardiste de la féminité de notre fondatrice continue d'inspirer notre engagement à long terme pour soutenir la promotion des femmes.

Women moving forward. Pour un avenir plus équitable. C'est cet objectif qui nous guide dans tout ce que nous entreprenons. Aujourd'hui, notre but est de créer de beaux produits porteurs de sens pour la société et pour la planète.

Nous sommes fiers d’avoir reçu la certification B-Corp qui marque une nouvelle étape dans notre volonté de réinventer notre façon de faire du business, et nous espérons inspirer d'autres organisations.

C'est pourquoi nous constituons des équipes qui s'engagent dans notre mission. Nous voulons partager cette approche au sein de l'entreprise et avec notre communauté au sens large.

Maison Chloé was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, a Parisian of Egyptian origin who wanted to free women's bodies from the formal and rigid fashion of the time through luxury ready-to-wear.
For nearly 70 years, Chloé has inspired women by creating fashion collections and accessories, revealing stories and sharing her experiences. Gaby Aghion’s vision was rooted in the belief in the power of each individual to dare to be themselves. The legacy of our founder and her progressive vision of femininity have always inspired our commitment to improving the status of women, fostering gender equality and promoting inclusion. 
Women Forward. For a Fairer Future. It is this objective that guides us in everything we do. Today, our goal is to create beautiful and yet meaningful products for society and for the planet.
We are proud to have received the B-Corp certification which marks a new step in our desire to reinvent the way we do business, and we hope to inspire other organizations.
That's why we build teams that are committed to our mission. We want to share this approach within the company and with our wider community.
At Chloé, we are committed to creating a workplace where everyone – across all genders, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, age, sexual orientation and ability – feels welcomed and valued. Every day, we strive to support and inspire individuals, while promoting equal opportunities throughout the workplace.


In line with the Maison ambitious development strategy, the Chief Commercial Officer defines and executes the go to market strategy by delivering the Maison objectives across the different channels and geographies.  




-    Management of the local Brand Managers
-    Coordination of key strategic initiatives
-    Definition and control of targets worldwide
-    Responsible of the Organisational Design for the Regions


-    Management of the Retail Excellence Team
-    Definition of the key strategies for the execution of the brand in the retail environment 
-    Responsibility of the training for the retail population
-    Store operations


-    Creation of the Store Aesthetic and concept
-    Roll out of store concept for new stores and refurbishment 
-    Define Brand Experience Aesthetic for key initiatives such as Pop-ups, In-store activation


-    As the Chief Commercial Officer of Chloé, your role is to use Business as a force for good (or Combine business interest and purpose). You will take into account Chloé environmental and social responsibility in each single decision
-    You will inspire and lead teams in order to accomplish Chloé’s purpose: Women Forward for a Fairer world and to continue Chloé’s transformation towards a more sustainable future


-    ExCo meetings
-    Global Merchandising Committees
-    Open to buy and buy validation meetings
-    Operational Committees
-    Regional and functional team meeting
-    Regional Performance Review Meetings 

Build and grow a team of talents, while continuously respecting corporate social responsibility, by:
-    Ensuring management of teams under responsibilities: assigning clear missions, defining roles and responsibilities, ensuring the organization and tenure of weekly meetings 
-    Communicating the Maison’s objectives and strategy
-    Respecting and enhancing the social responsibility guidelines defined within the Richemont Codes of Conduct and Chloé specific policy on that matter
-    Animating team performances: setting appropriate objectives and KPIs, controlling their fulfillment, ensuring regular and appropriate reporting of his activity to the CEO and colleagues, conducting annual appraisal 
interviews of direct reports, identifying talents and taking any necessary development/training decision to upgrade the talent pool, enhancing knowledge management
-    Proposing appropriate team sizing and organization and validating any recruitment within his teams as per budget validation to ensure profiles adequacy
-    Building standard procedures together and securing their implementation among teams

Behavioural competencies: 
-    Strong fashion flair and style, affinity for luxury
-    Strong managerial and entrepreneurial skills
-    Leadership
-    Customer-oriented
-    Team spirit, cooperation 

Excellence : you follow ideas through to implementation, going ‘above and beyond’ in the quest to deliver even more than the excellence our clients expect from a luxury brand. 
Entrepreneurship: you take initiative proactively, acting as though it were your own business, and owning your decisions. You work with passion and determination to seize opportunities and bring ideas to life. 
Creativity: Through a combination of imagination, curiosity and enthusiasm, you bring new perspectives, inspired ideas and fresh solutions to current and future challenges.
Togetherness: you act as a unifier, bringing people together and working collaboratively to achieve even greater results. Committed to ensuring diversity of people and ideas.
Positive impact: you’re aware of your impact, on people and the planet; you strive to be impact-positive.