Reference Code:  8942

Cartier Retail Coach

Taipei, TPE, TW


Cartier, l'artisan des passions.

The Sales Coach is an ambassador for My Cartier Touch who represents and promotes the
programme in their market. The Sales Coach is instrumental in implementing My Cartier Touch in the boutiques. Through tailored coaching, the Sales Coach helps teams to grow and in doing so contributes to improve client satisfaction by taking service from excellent to exceptional.


Key responsibility 1 Training and support
Through a structured approach, the Sales Coach assists each coachee in developing their client
relation by highlighting their individual strengths, points to improve on, creativity and style in
relation to Cartier's expectations.

• Ensure that the coachee knows, understands and applies My Cartier Touch recommendations at all times
• Listen to, observe and evaluate the coachee in real-life situations and role play
• Analyse and debrief with the coachee; identify their strengths and points to improve on; link their performance to Mystery Shopping results and make them aware of Client Experience Barometer scores
• Draw up an individual action plan and have the coachee take responsibility for its application; if required, help the coachee implement this action plan, monitor its application, and use the Follow-Up Booklet and Notebook to check on progress
• Inform the Boutique Manager of progress made by the coachee and of action plans
• Make full and expert use of coaching tools (role play and scenarios)

Key responsibility 2 Manage My Cartier Touch across the relevant departments: Retail, HR, Training (Learning and Development) and Marketing

• Submit an account of each session to the Boutique Manager (with a copy to the Retail Director); consult with the Boutique Manager on the coachee's individual development plan. The Sales Coach may be asked to contribute to Career Committee evaluations
• Help smoothly incorporate the programme into Retail, HR and Training (Learning and Development) processes
• Take part in My Cartier Touch activities at international level and provide regular feedback (e.g. propose best practices and success stories)
• Relay My Cartier Touch activities back to the Boutique Managers
• Regularly monitor Mystery Shopping and Client Experience Barometer results
• Inform the Retail Director (with a copy to the General Manager) of results; indicate potential for improvement and make recommendations to this effect
• Contribute to competitive intelligence regarding competitors' methods and practices