Reference Code:  13033

Sales Coach

Shanghai, 31, CN


Cartier, l'artisan des passions.

Is an Ambassador for My Cartier Touch and represents, promotes and is instrumental in the implementation of the programme locally. Through tailored coaching of the sales teams, he/she helps them to grow and contributes to an improved client satisfaction.


Key responsibility 1 – MCT strategy implementation

  • Understand retail strategy and participates with the local retail team to implement MCT in all boutiques.
  • Guarantees the knowledge, understanding and application of the My Cartier Touch-recommendations by all.
  • Define the annual plan for coaching insuring the local and international guidelines (x coaching per sales associates per year)


Key responsibility 2 – Sales team coaching

  • Listens to, observes and evaluates the coachees in real life and role plays
  • Analyses and debriefs with the BTQ managers and coachees, identifies and axes of improvement
  • Draws up individual action plans for the BTQ and coachees
  • Ensures that BTQ manager takes responsibility for the application and follow up of the BTQ and individual coachees’ action plans
  • Is the warrant of the correct use of My Cartier Touch-tools
  • Together with the Boutique Managements, animates sessions in boutiques in relation to My Cartier Touch

Key responsibility 3 – Reporting

  • Provides the Boutique Management with feedback after each coaching session
  • Regularly monitors the Mystery Shopping or Client Experience Barometer results and provides relevant management with the results and indicates potentials of improvement and makes recommendations of actions to implement
  • Takes part in and provides regular feedback of My Cartier Touch-activities at local and international level so that the program is in line with boutique reality
  • Development plan (i.e. potential individual assessment…)


  • This person shall have global vision, and good level of empathy, passion and creativity to work in a leading and fascinating luxury brand
  • This person can transversally work well with others, drive things with strategic approach and build strong learning culture
  • This person shall obtain in-depth knowledge of training and development field and excellent understanding of retail environment and retail business



  • Ability to convey enthusiasm around project, strong communication skills, knowledge of selling skills, highly developed capacity for active listening and observation, pedagogical approach
  • Selling skills 
  • Local language, fluent in English


  •  Bachelor’s degree
  • +3- year of experience in boutique/supervisory at luxury service or field coach training experience