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Regional Gemologist

Hong Kong, HK, HK


Cartier, l'artisan des passions.



The Regional Gemologist is to Act as a Bridge and a Referent Point between HQ and Markets:

  • Support HQ to amplify the brand as King of Diamonds, King of Gems and to promote the brand’s unique strengths in design, savoir-faire and craftsmanship in Asia
  • Keep abreast of latest industry happenings and gather insider trade news in Asia
  • Act as an intermediary on gemology and jewellery designs between Central and Markets:
    • give inputs on Asians’ preferences on stones, stone types, qualities and design elements and styles to Central Team
    • advise on price positioning, market prices of stones, and customers’ acceptance level of stone prices in Asia to HQ
    • consolidate policies and updates on Cartier’s stone selection standards, stone sourcing and produce Asia Stone Reference Guide for Markets
    • keep abreast of HQ’s new stone acquisitions;
    • organize information gathered from Central Team and increase Markets’ sales performance through information sharing and training.





  1. Tap into the untapped business opportunities / Finding new pastures:
  • Explore new stones - Work directly and frequently with Central’s Stone Experts and Buyers to:
    • explore unprecedented stone options with Asian Markets
    • assess, evaluate, stream-line and purchase stones that would fit the Asian Markets
  • Derive Asia exclusive pieces - Work directly and frequently with Central Team’s Designers to:
    • explore design elements and trends suitable for Asia,
    • suggest stone choices and layouts for designs that interest Asians,
    • help to derive and design Asia exclusive products and set jewellery trends for Asia  
  • Create second hand market - Work with Regional Patrimony Expert / Director and auction houses to tap into Cartier’s second hand sales market by:
    • Finding old customers in Asia, initiate interests and offer appraisals and valuation of their Cartier pieces, tradition or contemporary
    • provide suggested acquisition and resell values and acquire pieces for consignment / resell at Cartier Asia / Cartier online
  • Revive HJ piece – Work directly and frequently with Central Team’s Designers and Regional Patrimony Expert / Director to:
    • Find old customers, initiate interests and advise on possibility of reviving old Cartier possessions with new stone choices and adding new elements designs to existing designs or recreating designs


  1. Canvass businesses slipped through gaps:
  • Provide real time support to Markets and act as a referent point on diamonds, stones, jewellery designs, savoir-faire and craftsmanship in Asia
  • Assist to expedite sourcing of Asian stones (e.g. jade) and client requested stones by sharing and connecting intimate sourcing networks in Hong Kong and China, and acting as first point of contact between Central’s Stone Buyers and Hong Kong & China suppliers
  • Motivate sales of stagnant, unsold HJ pieces by providing insights and reference from Chinese and/or Asian history
  • Professionally advise clients, sales staffs and Markets on quality, value, investment potentials of stones
  • Provide advance product training that goes above and beyond product news


  1. Events
  • Propose events, workshops, education seminars across Asia that enhance the brand as King of Gems
  • Formulate, organize and lead entertaining and educational stones experience for Markets (E.g. experimental workshops / exhibitions, touch & feel, stones appreciation, collection exhibitions, art and history talks, collector sharing and investment seminars, etc.) 
  • Work with Patrimony Expert to:
    • build Digital Archives, with particular focus on Asian customers’ possession of collection on significant stones and the history, stories behind and historical significance;
    • help organize events that showcase Asia customers’ collections pieces with stones as center of attraction


  1. Build Bespoke Orders
  • Liaise with HQ to reduce lead time in getting quotations, stone availability status and to enhance the transformation of bespoke orders in Asia by:
    • Putting in measures that facilitate the initial ordering process efficiently and effectively,
    • building best practice standards and operation flow for bespoke orders
    • Formulating a reference guide with references on styles, lead-time, price quotations,
    • Setting up guidelines and training for client’s queries to minimize long waits for replies
  • Increase Markets’ knowledge and confidence in selling bespoke, awareness and presence of Cartier’s bespoke orders
  • Advise clients on stones’ authenticity, recutting needs, stones’ beauty and value and assess whether stones are acceptable for Bespoke Orders by Cartier’s standards


  1. Business Management & Business Development
  • Assist Regional HJ Jewellery Director with:
    • strategy development,
    • business management
    • long term business planning to grow HJ within the region
    • overall management and leadership of the Regional HJ Team,
    • overseeing and leading regional project development and management,
    • ensuring team’s productivity and efficiency
    • explore potentials and opportunities into undeveloped Markets and formulate business development strategies to groom SEA market to become developing market





  • Education :
    • Certified Gemologist (GIA or equivalent) and Certificate Gemologist (Fei Cui) (preferred)
    • Appraiser from International Society of Appraisers or equivalent
    • Bachelor degree in Arts / Art History / Architecture / Design; Graduate from a fashion / creative school a plus
    • Executive education in Luxury Business Management / Finance management
  • Experience :
    • 8 years working experience in jewelry or auction industry, art-related, luxury field or other high-end industry
    • Experience with diamonds or jewellery investment analysis and advisory preferred
    • Hands-on experience and passion with styling, setting, jewelry arts and production preferred
  • Specific competencies :
    • Strong analytical skills, details oriented and positive work attitude
    • Good luxury acumen to anticipate emerging and innovative trends
    • Very organized, rigorous and meticulous with good creative eyes
    • Possess strong passion to further his/her expertise in gemology and crafting arts on a continual basis 
    • Excellent analytical, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
    • Thorough understanding of cultural differences in Asia, especially China, and sensibility to appreciate cultural preferences on different designs and stone preference
    • Computer skills: proficient in Microsoft office
  • Languages :
    • English (mandatory)
    • Cantonese (required)
    • Mandarin (required)
    • French (if possible)
  • Required interpersonal and behavioral competencies :
    • Able to travel to HQ on regular basis to work with Central team
    • Proactive in attaining market, customer and competitor knowledge
    • Able to multi-task, reliable, positive attitude and able to work under pressure
    • Ability to work well with different cultures and enjoy work/travelling

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