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Regional Product Manager - Accessories & Leather goods

Dubai, DU, AE


The story of Cartier is founded on audacity and passion. For more than 170 years we have embraced a bold, pioneering spirit that continues to inspire our teams across all Métiers from our boutiques to our workshops and corporate offices. Our 7,500+ colleagues of 90 nationalities are united by a shared independent spirit and commitment to excellence, striving to continuously enrich our Maison’s heritage by pushing the boundaries of creativity. 


<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Are you curious to <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">work on many luxury <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">product <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">launches and to develop the business of one the greatest luxury <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Maisons<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI""> ? <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Are you passionate about luxury industry? Are you willing to be part of a very dynamic and collaborative team?


<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">If so, we would like to talk to you about the opportunity to join our team as <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">a <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Regional Product Manager for Cartier Accessories<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">. The contract is permanent and ideally starts in December 2020 in our Dubai office.



<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">MAIN PURPOSE

<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Develop and implement product strategies consistent with the company’s’ vision in the Middle East, India & Africa region, and define the adequate strategy with each local market in the region.
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Pilot the achievement of the budget on all distribution networks by defining and implementing product <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">action plans and supporting commercial and communication teams as well as international teams.
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Ensure the smooth regionalization process and support all the markets.
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Be the key coordinator between international HQ and local markets.



<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">What you will do:


<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">DEFINE THE REGIONAL STRATEGY FOR CARTIER <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">ACCESSORIES & LEATHERGOODS

<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Pilot the definition of the regional strategic plan: market & product analysis, budget proposal and action plan definition.
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Define priorities and act as the key authority and point of contact for the product strategy of each market in the region
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Identify long term opportunities <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">and <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">sources of growth for the region.


<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">DRIVE TRANSVERSAL STRATEGIC PROJECTS

<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Define with the <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Regional Head <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">of Marketing 360 projects to develop business growth and generate synergies with the other <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">departments. 
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Conduct transversal task forces in consulting mode.


<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">LEAD PRODUCT CATEGORY

<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Revise sales forecasts on a monthly basis and collaborate with Cartier operations to ensure adequate product <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">supply.
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Be <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">the key interlocutor for commercial teams (internal + partner boutiques)
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Work closely with boutiques and category supervisors
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Collaborate with the supply team to define and revise assortments
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Collaborate with visual merchandising team to optimize visibility of the collections in boutiques
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Collaborate with communication team to support product awareness and desirability
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Participate in local events
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Develop specific training tools with the Learning & Development department
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Elaborate monthly and yearly reports/analysis and follow-up product performance
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Collaborate on pricing <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">strategy


<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">LAUNCH NEW PRODUCTS & EXCLUSIVITIES

<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Define sales forecasts and assortments in collaboration with supply and commercial teams
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Define and implement launch plan in coordination with other departments, work closely with communication, visual merchandising, CRM, Client Service, L&D.
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Train and support boutiques and commercial teams
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Follow up on sales
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Brief and work <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">in collaboration with International HQ to develop <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">creative Middle-East <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">exclusivities <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">based on clients and design research





<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Capture market insights (economy, demographics, technology)
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Identify key / relevant competitors; understand their strategy (product offer, distribution strategy, price positioning, communication strategy, etc.)
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Regularly update competition information.
<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Share industry news (press, websites, events, etc.)

<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">What <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">you <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">will <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">learn<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">:


·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Get a holistic view on how we operate the marketing strategy in the luxury industry
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Understand the luxury market in our region
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Develop your analytical skills
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Take ownership of assigned projects



<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Who <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">you<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI""> are :


·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Fifth year college or university certificate in Business / Marketing / Communication
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">At least 2 years of experience in a luxury or Fashion company.
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Excellent <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">written/verbal English language skills along with strong interpersonal and communications <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">skills. Arabic & French are a “plus”
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Expert Microsoft Office Suite proficiency (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Good organizational skills - you are on top of your tasks at all times and ensure alignment across all parties<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">.
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Digital acumen
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Ability to work in a fast-paced, high energy, and high volume workspace
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">A analytical thinker who loves to work in an international environment
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">A curious mind and highly <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">collaborative
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">A strategic thinker– <span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately and draw credible pictures and visions 
·<span style="font-family:"Segoe UI"">Sense of aesthetics / Creative and innovative spirit

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jewellery, watches and writing instruments. Cartier joined the Group in 1988.

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