Code de référence:  91061

Client Services Supervisor

Zurich, ZH, CH


L’histoire de Cartier repose sur l'audace et la passion. Nous avons adopté un esprit pionnier et audacieux qui continue d’inspirer nos équipes, tous métiers confondus, de nos boutiques à nos ateliers et nos sièges sociaux depuis plus de 170 ans. Nous comptons plus de 9000 collaborateurs de 105 nationalités différentes qui partagent un esprit indépendant et un engagement envers l’excellence, et qui ont pour ambition d’enrichir en permanence l’héritage de la maison en repoussant les limites de la créativité.





Main purpose


We are looking for a Client Services Supervisor to manage a team of three in our Zurich Boutique. It is one of the largest, fast-growing and most innovative in terms of client experience in Europe.

In this role, you will efficiently manage the client services department of the boutique by ensuring operational excellence and by successfully implementing the CS strategies always keeping client’s satisfaction at heart.

Thanks to your strong interpersonal and leadership skills, we count on you to empower, motivate and engage your team but also to be a great support for the other Boutique’s departments, respectively sales and operations.


Your work environment and your contribution to it


Our team is passionate and dynamic. Its professionalism and expertise are the key factors to our success and elements you are expected to contribute to.

We look forward to you bringing in all aspects of your personality and individualism to contribute to create a better whole. We want you to feel empowered, listened to and to be successful in your role.

For that, you will need to excel in understanding luxury client needs and be delighted to cherish a true relationship with our clients and with your colleagues.


Be a passionate and empathetic leader


As part of the Boutique’s management team, you will design and implement the most effective organisation for our people.

Acting as a Maison Ambassador, you will be responsible for ensuring the smoothest customer experience by regularly coaching your team and by accompanying and supporting the sales team on all CS related topics (Sales techniques, IT skills, system knowledge etc.).

Involved in the recruitment of newcomers, we also count on you to put in place development plans for the employees you manage and to make sure they are successful in their role, their wellbeing at the workplace being key.


Handling operational tasks and care services


You will coordinate the repair process within the boutique, handling the stock and replenishment of spare parts and being the point of contact for all CS interactions we have with third parties (offices & workshops) and clients.

You will be responsible for the achievement of the Boutique’s quantitative objectives in various projects (e-CS, pre-approved values, courtesy watches, CS discount rate etc.)

You will, together with your team, ensure a successful management of leather straps (stock accuracy, orders, Team training on order tool, management of complaints related to quality issues etc.)


Referent for Care Services related matters


As a technical expert, you will support and advise the whole Boutique team for technical questions and therefore be a key referent for all.


Your profile


The successful candidate is passionate and excel in understanding luxury client needs. You are delighted to cherish a true relationship with our all our  clients.

As you will first join a team, you’re excited to create great energy with your  team members.

To succeed in this role, a significant experience (8 yrs min) in luxury Retail and you are knowledgeable about Watchmaking, and Jewelry techniques and Cartier products. You should be motivated to continuously improve team performance even in a fast-paced environment.

On top of that, if you are fluent in German and English, French as a plus, then this challenge will be perfect for you!  

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Richemont possède plusieurs des plus grandes entreprises mondiales dans le domaine des produits

de luxe, avec des atouts particuliers dans les domaines de la bijouterie, des montres et des

instruments d'écriture. Cartier a rejoint le groupe en 1988.

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